Why is it so hard for most of us to stay motivated when working towards something that we were initially excited about? It doesn’t matter if it is increasing our sales, changing career paths, losing weight, enhancing our relationships, managing our finances, or any other big goal, the truth is, most people fail. Unfortunately, all too often, people fail quickly after the initial goal is set. In reality, most people simply fail because their life gets busy and they lose their focus, they get bored or they decided that it is just too hard and quit.

Here are 5 sure ways to keep you motived:

  1. Know Your WHY

Hopefully, when we make our goal we create a plan to accomplish the goal. Although the plan is an important step in creating success, people too often miss out on the most important step, which is to know WHY you want to accomplish your goal. Your WHY should be powerful enough to help you stay focused when life get too busy or when you want to quit because it is just too hard. The key is to remember your WHY at all times so write it down and read it often.


  1. Write it Down

People like to talk about their goal, but people who find the most success take the time to put their goal in writing. In order to achieve your goal, you must ask yourself what your goal will look like when you have achieved it. Spend some time writing down this vision. As an extra motivator, you may want to write down a date and time when your goal will be achieved.  Now that you have your why statement, goal, plan, and vision in writing, you must read all of this a minimum of once a day. Before I start each work day, I read my life vision statement which includes my goals, plan, vision, and why this is important to me.  This truly helps you stay focused daily.


  1. Share Your Goal

Share your goal only with family and friends who will want you to find success. Why did I say only with family and friends who will help you find success? The truth is there are lots of reasons, but here are a few:

  • Not everyone knows how to dream big and go after their goals. Because of their own beliefs, some people may intentionally or unintentionally, put fear and doubt in your head.
  • This next reason happened to me recently. I was really excited about a big goal that I had been dreaming about and when I finally got the courage to follow through, I announced it on my personal FB page. Wow, I was overwhelmed by all the encouragement and well-wishers. I’m not sure how it all exactly works, but I received so much attention that I lost my focus and desire…. temporarily.  I learned that oversharing and receiving too many positive affirmations can give you a false sense of accomplishment. This can cause you to lose your desire to continue working on your goal.  Thankfully, I understood this and I had to recreate my plan.



  1. Accountability Partner

Have an accountability partner who will hold you accountable to your goal. Have regular check-ins with this person and listen and accept their feedback. For some reason we live in a world where we often times don’t think we need to ask for help. We believe that we are strong enough to achieve our goals through our own will power. People who accomplish greatness through will power are really just people who have systems in place, and one of the systems is an accountability partner.


  1. Believe

Lastly, people who believe that they will achieve their goal have a far greater chance of success than those who doubt themselves. The secret here, which really shouldn’t be a secret is to simply believe in yourself.


Let’s be honest, life is always going to be busy, habits can be hard to change and hard work isn’t always fun.  Decide now to not let any excuse hold you back from your big goals and dreams. Start implementing these 5-steps today, to help you find success with even your biggest goal!

Are YOU ready to get started?


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