Seriously, if you had to give your life a letter grade today, what would it be?
Pretty deep thought huh, for a Monday morning. Many years ago, I had this thought and I gave myself a “C.” Average… I loved my family, and I had a job I enjoyed, but, I had this reoccurring thought…”Is this really what life is all about?” It seemed like I was always on the go, get up, wake kids, and prepare for the day, drop kids off, work, pick-up kids, dinner, homework, evening activities, bedtime and I would fall into bed exhausted only to wake up and repeat. Can any of you identify? I so wanted to be the best at everything I did, but how could I do that when I only got the allotted 24 hours in a day? I knew something had to change!
Does this sound like YOU?
If this sounds like you, be gentle with yourself, far too many people are living this way today! You too can move your life into an “A” life and truly start Loving Your Life!
My responsibilities didn’t change, but a BIG shift in my thinking did.
Here are the 3 things I changed…
1. I started to live a life of gratitude. Before I even get out of bed, I name 5 things that I am truly grateful for that day. I try to continue this practice throughout the day, especially during more challenging times.
2. I figured out my values and I live by them daily.
3. Once I really knew and understood my values, I created my life intentions statements that drive my entire decision making. This makes saying yes, when appropriate easy and when I need to say no, even easier.
In all honestly, what I really figured out was how to live an authentic life, a life where money, possessions and keeping up with the Smith’s don’t drive my happiness. Happiness is an inside job, and my wish for you is to receive it!