I haven’t played darts in years, but I remember the goal of the game, to get the most points! Initially, I struggled with even hitting the board, but with coaching, practice, patience and perseverance, I eventually hit the board and was able to get the darts closer and closer to the bullseye. The more I played, the better I got. I don’t think I ever hit the bullseye, but I was always aiming for it.  Actually, darts was a very small stage in my life, but it helps me introduce you to the idea of shooting for a bullseye life.

When you can clearly see where you want to be headed in life, you can keep your focus and aim towards your bullseye. This concept can work for where you want to be in one year or 20+ years.  First you must figure out what you want your bullseye life to look like and then you must create a plan of how to get there. Once the plan is in place you can break it down into years, months, weeks and days. Most people create the vision and forget that a vision without a plan, stays only a vision. Honestly, this idea works equally well in your business life and your personal life. For some crazy reason, people tend to understand this idea better in business than in their personal life, but it works both ways. I coach my clients to create their life and business vison as one big vision. People are always seeking “balance” and balance in your life is not 50/50. By creating this vision, you are creating a plan that works for you and when you create it, you own it.

Here’s the deal, just like in darts your aim is for the bullseye, right? When you create your bullseye life and create a plan, you start taking daily action steps towards your bullseye. Along this journey, you may have to tweak parts of your plan as things in life happen that are beyond your control, but your eye is still on your target. Just as I got better at darts, through coaching, practice, patience and perseverance, you too can get better at hitting your target. The more you practice, the more skillful you become, and the more likely you are to hit your bullseye. Daily action steps in the right direction is the key to hitting your bullseye.

Without a bullseye, you have nothing to shoot for. Some get lucky with this strategy, but most don’t.  Too many people simply wake up to their life one day and wonder why they are not where they had hoped to be by this stage of life. Isn’t it better to aim high and barely miss, then to not aim or aim too low and miss out on living the life you were created to live?

The greater danger for most of us lies not I setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark. -Michelangelo

Are you willing to take a chance or do you want to create your bullseye life and know exactly what you are aiming for?

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