I love basketball and it doesn’t matter if it is a parks and rec league, high school, or college, I just enjoy watching the game. My son plays on a 5th -6th grade parks and rec team this year and he is excited that he is on a winning team. They have had a great season and they work hard for their victories. What is even more amazing is how both teams work hard throughout the entire game, whether they are winning or trying to catch up, the never give up! They never lighten up and they push themselves until the buzzer goes off. What drives athletics of whatever age, to push towards a victory, when they are 20 points behind with only minutes left on the game clock? Or what makes athletes continue to push when they are 20 points ahead with only minutes left on the clock?

Why is it that outside of “game time” so many tend to not give it their all?  Honestly, isn’t your life more important than a game?  I think it is!  What if we approached our life like an athlete approaches a game? What would that look like?

First, let me define a few facts about most games.

  • In most games, victory comes within 2-4 hours. In life, victory can take years.
  • In a game, the rules are defined. The referees keep everyone within the rules.
  • A game victory is defined by the one with the most points at the end of the game.

How can we apply these rules to our lives?

Unlike sports, our big goals and dreams could take years. We must be honest with ourselves about our goal and how long it will take to accomplish it. In order to achieve a victory, you must first define what victory looks like to you.

Once we have this big picture, we can break our goal down into smaller victories, so that we can celebrate along the way on our journey.  Think about it this way, the average college team plays approximately 30 games a season, not counting tournaments. The big goal of the team is to become the National Champ, right?  The little victories along the way are each game they win so they can get invited to the “Big Dance” with a chance at the National Title.

How can you take your goal and break it down into mini victories on the way to your National Championship?

In sports, you have referees and umpires to help everyone play by the rules. In life, you don’t have that so you will need to create it. How? I suggest you first define what your rules will be to accomplish your goals. Second, find an accountability partner…or should I dare say a coach? Weather it is a coach, friend, boss, or co-worker, the important thing is that they know the outcome and the rules and they are not afraid to blow the whistle on you when you foul or go out of bounds.


Now let me ask you a few questions for you to think about.

What would your life look like if you went after your goals and dreams with the same determination of an athlete?

What would it take for you to put all your energy into victory for you?

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