I can remember a time when I was alone, in my office, feeling isolated and frustrated.  For the first time in many years, for a variety of circumstances, too long to go into, I was not surrounded by anyone else vested in my goals. Not a good feeling. Whether you are at work chasing a big goal; or you are about to embark on an adventurous vacation; or you are watching a movie in your living room; invite someone else to join you!  Perhaps this is more natural for all of you extroverts out there, but maybe not as desirable for those with introvert tendencies.  I am quite confident you won’t find any conclusive research that links your type of personality to the likelihood for your success.  However, I believe you will learn that you can increase your likelihood of achieving your goals and your enjoyment in chasing the goals if you are not alone.   Regarding your goals, it is very easy to keep your goals to yourself and to fail quietly.  Nobody would ever know and this could be a slippery slope to many future goal fails. If you choose to share your goals with others, amazing things can happen!  Share your goals with someone you care about or someone who you have genuine respect for. If you just share with a relative stranger or you don’t have much contact with the person you choose to share with, then you might as well be alone.  Who are some people you could choose to invite along on your ride?  How about your spouse, parent, child, best friend, mentor, or study group.  What?  You don’t have a mentor or study group or you are not sure how these would apply to you or your situation.  Well, whether you are in sales, an entrepreneur, or currently, you are not even pursuing a professional goal, you need a mentor and or group of people that you can share with, grow with, and be accountable to.  Being accountable to people you care about and respect is likely a key missing ingredient to achieving your goals. Now back to paragraph one.  I now have a group of people that I love and respect and we share and grow with each other.  I also have a team member that has goals aligned with my goals.  What a game changer, when we are not alone on our journey for success! – See more at: http://loveyourlife2.com/blog/2016/02/01/game-changer#sthash.H7SgSDbj.dpuf