It’s official, we are half way through the year. In fact, in 166 days we will be celebrating New Year’s Eve. Can you believe that? I believe, that time is one of our most precious commodities, and if we are not careful, it has a way of slipping away from us. At the beginning of each year, many of us set out to accomplish big things, but life gets busy and we can lose our focus, it can happen to the best of us. Here’s the thing, we are only half way through the year and there is still TIME. So, maybe you are behind your schedule, so what! It’s time to re-evaluate, say enough is enough, and push the re-set button to get started. It’s time to create a new success plan!

Here are 7-steps to help you push your reset button.

  1. Put your big dream down in writing. Write what you want your big dream to look like and feel like. Write how your big dream will impact, you, your family and society.
  2. Share your big dream with a couple of people close to you and ask them to help you stay accountable to yourself and your vision. Schedule check-in times with your accountability partner to reinforce your commitment to accomplishing your big dream.
  3. Ask yourself WHY this is important to you. It is important to really dig deep into your WHY. Keep asking yourself why over and over until you think you reached the real WHY.
  4. Write your WHY down and place it around your home and office as a consistent reminder to stay focused. I’ve had clients place their why statements on the bathroom mirror, steering wheel, computer, and on their nightstand. Be creative on how you display it. It could be a single word or a sentence, but what’s important is that it gives YOU a gentle reminder.
  5. Create a plan and break down the plan into months, weeks and days. Include celebrations in your plan to celebrate small victories along the journey.
  6.  It’s also important to be realistic and to expect occasional setbacks. The best plans have a plan within them to overcome setbacks. Don’t let your setback be your excuse to stop.
  7. Lastly, review and revise your plan on a regular basis.

The start of a big dream is often the hardest part. Be patient with yourself, start slow if you must, but just start. One day you will thank yourself!

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