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About Carrie

Many years ago I was asked a profound question by a friend and mentor. "What grade would you give your life?"  It sounds like a simple question but much to my surprise I discovered that I actually wasn't living an A+ life!! It was my big "oh no!" moment! Even though I had a beautiful family and everything anyone could imagine that I would want...If I was truly honest I would have to give my life a grade of C. Not even a C+. Just a sad little C. 

Why was it a C?  I was in a rut of working, rushing home to take care of my family, rushing out the door to activities, and then rushing home again so I could just rush out the door again. Suddenly it seemed that I had everything and nothing. I had lost me in the shuffle of taking care of everyone else. When I realized this and started to really pay attention, I realized that I didn't even know how to get off this crazy merry-go-round and start LIVING my life with more intention.

It felt like I was trapped in a story that I didn't write and I had to get out. I also realized if I was living a "C" life that meant the best I could ever offer anyone I loved was a person with a "C" life…just average.  I wanted to be more than a "C” graded person to my family! So, I started the process of finding out how to take my "C" life and transform it into an "A+" life. I started by reading lots of self-help books and that got me thinking about it, but not really acting on it.  Life transformed once I got a coach, someone to share my BIG dreams with, someone to help me stay accountable to myself and my dreams and then things started to change! It turns out that even though most of my circumstances didn't change overnight, my ability to change my thoughts and perspective made all the difference in the quality of life I was living. Honestly, aside from just the general sense of satisfaction that comes from living a "higher grade life,” the quality of time and experience that I am able to give my family and those I love. was worth every effort!  

I was ready for a serious upgrade!

I was making the same mistake so many of us make. I was giving everything OF myself before I give TO myself.  Sooner or later, there is nothing left to give!! This was how my big "oh no" moment turned into a big "aha" moment! I realized that I could change and that life my life didn't have be a C! 

If any of this sounds like you, I know where you are and how to get to where you want to be. Let's connect and talk about how you can get off the merry-go-round and create your life upgrade!

Here are all the juicy details about my life! ( Well, maybe not ALL the juicy details...)

Carrie has 20+ years of experience in helping people build and develop their true potential in the non-profit and corporate environment.  Carrie received her BA in Sociology from Iowa State University and has studied with the Career Coaching Institute. She received her Elite Life Coaching Certificate from the Coach Mindset Elite Life Coach Training Program. Carrie launched Love Your Life in 2013 and is now living her dream! Carrie is married to Chad and they have four children.  The family lives in Ames, Iowa. In their free time, they enjoy attending Iowa State sporting events, especially those events that include tailgating, biking, long walks, church activities and just hanging out with family and friends.


"Carrie coached me for 3 months and helped me gain new insight in my life. Through coaching, I have gained the confidence to find a job that I love, end a relationship that needed ended and I have learned to love and respect myself. Coaching is the best gift I ever gave myself! "

- B.B.

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